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Elkhound Dog Books

Juliette Cunliffe, ELKHOUND, Published by Pet Love, Dorking, ENGLAND, ISBN # 1-903098-95-5
(The book above would be good for anyone who has never owned one before. It cover many aspects from training to health.)

Olav P Campbell, My 60 years with Norwegian Elkhounds, Show Quality Publications, Hopkins, MN, 1988

Anna Katherine Nicholas, Norwegian Elkhounds, T.F.H. Publications, Neptune City, N.J., 1988.

New Zealand Kennel Club, Elkhound Breed Supplement, Breed Special Reprint, New Zealand Kennel Club, Wellington, 1995.

Anne Roslyn-Williams, The Elkhound in the British Isles, A Roslyn-Williams, England, 1993.

Nina P. Ross, The Norwegian Elkhound, Doral Publishing, Portland, Ore., 1994.

Olav Wallo, The New Complete Norwegian Elkhound, 3rd ed., Howell Book House, New York, 1987.

For those who can read Norwegian

Kare Vidar Pedersen, Elghunder - fra valptil elgfall, Landbruksforlaget, Norway, 1998.

Elkhound related books

Patricia McGukin Stuart, Elkhound of the Gods, Revised edition edited by Dan and Doreen Bates , Norwegian Elkhound Club of Potomac Valley, USA, 1995.

Nina P Ross, Of gods and dogs - Norse mythology, Towery Tennessee, 1994.

If you know of any other titles please email to add.